19th YIM Teh Tarik Talk : Fit For Life by Kevin Zahri


Topic : Fit For Life

Date : 5 December 2014

Speaker : Kevin Zahri

PROFILE          :

Affectionately known as Cikgu Fitness, Kevin Zahri is one the most successful health and fitness experts in Malaysia . As a passionate advocator of health and fitness education , he is the founding creator behind Malaysia’s nationwide weight loss program called Jom Kurus . He has over 10 years experience as fitness trainer , corporate speaker , fitness writer , TV host and various personal appearances.

Kevin is a highly sought after corporate wellness speaker and conducts fun engaging seminars for both corporate and public sectors . Among his clients : Nestle , Shell , Exxon Mobil , HP , UMW , American Express , Bank Negara , Petronas Malaysia , Bursa Malaysia and many more.

Aside from his on-going columns with Harian Metro , iSihat and other publications, Kevin is an avid health and fitness writer and has contributed to numerous publications such as Men’s Health, Shape , InTrend , iSihat and various newspapers . His personal website blog attracts some 10,000 unique reader daily.

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