18th YIM Teh Tarik Talk : Top Tips to Eat Well and Be Healthy by Indra Balaratnam


Indra Balaratnam1Topic : Top Tips to Eat Well and Be Healthy

Date : 20 November 2014

Speaker : Indra Balaratnam

PROFILE          :

Indra Balaratnam is a consultant dietitian in private practice in Kuala Lumpur . Trained in the US , she specialises in home visits to counsel patients with special dietary needs , including people with diabetes , coronary heart disease and weight issues, as well as pregnant women . She also takes on special projects on various aspects of dietetic education , including nutrition consultancy for the International School of Kuala Lumpur , food safety and nutrition training for the cafeteria staff of multinational companies , and nutrition education programmes for top management executives . In addition, she is the nutrition lecturer for fitness trainers undertaking the FISAF course in Malaysia.

Indra is the co-author of cookbook Healthy Eating : Recipes for the Asian Palate. She is a regular speaker at health forums and seminars organised by the Health Ministry and other government bodies . She is also a contributing columnist on dietetic topics for various magazines and hosts her own one-hour weekly diet and health radio show.

Indra is a member of the Nutrition Society of Malaysia, the Malaysian Society for Hypertension and the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association , where she is a committee member of the working group for Hyperlipidemia & Hypertension Medical Nutrition Therapy Guidelines.

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